The Giant Mountains Band

Many bands – and those who would describe them – spend lot of time searching for labels. Especially in bluegrass, these are sometimes applied very generally: “hard-driving,” “high-energy,” “dynamic,” “traditionally grounded.”

The Giant Mountains Band aspire to all these things, but are not defined by them. They capitalize on the resources they have: strong baritone singing, relentless banjo, a deep rhythm pocket, imaginative vocal harmonies and original songwriting in English, which manages to avoid worn cliches while still paying homage to a bluegrass past rich with heartbreak, trains and lonesome.

While they sing their own songs on stage, their repertoire is a library of the bands whose sounds they admire: Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, IIIrd Time Out, The Seldom Scene and the Lonesome River Band, to name a few.

So take a listen to the way they sound – or better yet, come hear them play. If there’s a smile on your face and you can’t seem to stop your toe from tapping, if you catch yourself singing along to the refrain and you can’t believe it’s already the last song of the set, you might just be listening to the Giant Mountains Band.